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If you are interested in targeting local SEO clients in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. This key word domain is currently for sale. Starting price is a steal at only $50.00. Please check out the auction at Godaddy This is a legitimate sale of a strong Search Engine Optimization domain name for the Fort Lauderdale, […]

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Miami SEO and Web Design

Use Miami Web Design to Aim for Niche Markets

Businesses are doing everything they can to make sure their Miami web design is the best.  Something that hasn’t been talked about is tailoring your website to niche markets.  You know about reaching niche markets through advertising and web directories, but you can use web design to reach a specific audience too. Niche web designing is […]

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web directories

Use Web Directories to Improve Florida Search Engine Optimization

Web directories are a hidden gem in increasing traffic and Florida Search Engine Optimization.  It used to be a sure-fire way to move up in search engine ranks because it was a way around search engines.  Advanced technology and search engine updates forces companies to use web directories differently. A web directory is great for […]

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Tailor Email Campaigns to Fort Lauderdale SEO

Email campaigns are an old technique that still produces results.  All businesses should be involved in email campaigns.  A better way to use email campaigns to your advantage is to tailor it for Fort Lauderdale SEO.  Keywords, title tags, alt text, back links and links are a mainstay in SEO, and every technique must be […]

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Words content marketing strategy

Effective Content Marketing Strategy Goes Beyond Words

What skills do you think are most important to content marketing? You may have thought of writing skills immediately, but effective content now goes far beyond basic writing. Communicating creative ideas with the proper use of grammar and the right density of keywords is now entry level skill. There are other important skills to develop […]

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Pelicans on Florida Bay

The Latest Trends for Small Business Florida Web Design

When you run a small business, it is essential for you to keep up with the latest trends in Florida web design. The one thing that puts small businesses on a level playing field with their larger competitors is their website. If your website can compete well with these other businesses, you stand a greater […]

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Steps to Take Before Hiring a Florida SEO Company

Some businesses hire a Florida SEO company and don’t give any thought to the process ahead of time. While some of these businesses will see the success they desire without preparing, it is typically best to take a few steps before you hire a company to work with you. Follow these steps before you hire […]

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search engine screenshots

SEO For Small and Local Business Guide 2013

Many SEO techniques and tactics have changed over the past couple of years due to Google’s ever-changing algorithms. As a business owner, keeping up with your brick and mortar obligations plus your online presence can be a daunting task. Here’s a guide to help you get started and to help you maintain your online visibility. […]

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RTS screenshot

Why SEO Is Like A Real Time Strategy Game

I am a big fan of Real Time Strategy video games and this post over at SEOmoz really hit home. Jayson DeMers creates a nice analogy for those familiar with the RTS genre and working in the SEO industry or just marketing your business to search engines in general. Growing up, the first genre of video […]

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Google Logo

Use These 4 Google Tools For Your Online Marketing

Google has plenty tools that you can use in their arsenal. Many of these tools are free to the public and Google sometimes encourages collaboration with development and enhancement of the these tools (almost like Open Source Software). We will explore some of these below which you should be using for your small business SEO […]

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