Google Real-Time Coming Soon With Live Analytics Data


This week, Google announced the availability of real time data tracking through Google Analytics . Google's Real-Time Analytics will provide reports that display what’s happening on your site while it actually is happening.

Google Analytics Real-Time

According to the team at Google,  the new Real-Time reports can be very useful. Some of the applications are: 

  • Measure social media impactWhenever you create a new blog post or any new content on your website, and you mention that content on social media with a link (like on a tweet or Facebook update), you will be able to see the immediate impact to you website traffic.
  • Campaign measurement: Not sure if your Google Analytics tracking code is setup correctly? No more having to wait until the next day to check it. With GA Real-Time, your data comes through instantly. You can immediately see if you have properly setup any new campaign tracking. Find out and trouble shoot any problems right away.

The new Real-Time feature was announced last week and is slowly rolling out to all GA accounts however, if you want to get a head start and view some of the data, you can sign-up here and hopefully the almighty G will get you setup faster. Click here to get started:

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